Freeze Dried Fruits


Alphonso Mango

The freeze dried alphonso mangoes have always been in high demand, because of its mouth-watering taste and fruitfulness. Apart from its taste, the product has no traces of impurities or colour additives. The product can be added to smoothies, ice creams, bakery items and cereals.


The freeze dried apples being a delicious eatable product retains its originality, natural aroma, flavour and colour with longer shelf stability and contains no harmful preservatives or contaminants.

FDF Apple


The bananas being an extended and palatable organic product, obtained from the farms are cleaned, peeled, ringed and freeze dried. The freeze dried banana rings, without any preservatives or additives are known for their extraordinary quality and natural taste by our valuable customers.


The freeze dried pine apples makes your evenings very special as a tasty health snack. Enjoy the glory of taste and sweetness in the single fruit. Not only as a snack, use it in a wide range of applications.



The freeze dried strawberries with its 97% of the nutritional values retained imparts refreshing fragrance, red shading and pleasantness to your healthy lifestyle. The product retains colour, shape, flavour and typical taste.